Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to Blog Jog Day!

Finally, it’s here! Blog Jog Day in full action! Thank you for coming!

Check out the links below, choose one that looks interesting to you, and GO JOGGING!

If you get lost or run into an invalid link, come on back here and start on a different one.

Remember to enter all the contests (where available) and maybe you’ll be a lucky winner today!

A Book Inside

Sullivan’s Secret

Daniel’s Dream

Working Writer’s Club

Black Doll Collecting

Chelle Cordero, Author

A Bloggers Books

Plain & Simple Books Publishing

Dan’s Inspiration

Coffee Time Romance

Talking to You

From A Writer’s POV

Working Writer’s Coach

Welcome to Chelle’s World

The Relationship Supermarket

Terri Forehand, Author

Putting Words to Paper

Heroes, Sleuths & Villains

Joylene Nowell Butler, Author

DIY Projects


Families Matter

Patricia Rasey, Author

The Golden Pathway

Bloom! Life Coach

The Writing Mama

Denver Cereal

World of Ink Network

Bertram's Blog

Philly Collector

Emily White:

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Misadventures with Andi

Ghost Talk:

The Queen of Cool

Disgruntled Bear:

Charmaine Gordon, Author

Sporadic Publication

Authors Box

Vanessa Morgan

Tonya Kinzer (adult content)

Quildon Writes

Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing


Reading. Writing. Publishing. A Blog

The Wild Cats Victory

Angela’s Freelance Writing

Deanna Jewel at

Outskirts Press

Rustic Realizations

Rise Above Reason at

The Blue Inkwell

Vanilla Heart Publishing

Simply Sane Parent

Hexemaus Farms

Vanilla Heart Author Blog

The Klarichter

Special Agent Series

Diversions With Doreen

Fibro and Fabulous

Doreen the Wizard of Words

Soul Mate Tips

SD’s Writer’s Blog

Smoky Zeidel

Eclectic Writer

Independent Publishing News

Andrea Zanetti

Manic Network

How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour

Linda Banche

Life from a Cat’s Perspective
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Chance For Blog Jog Day!

Today is the absolute last day to sign up your Blog for the August 7 Blog Jog Day! See how in the post below.

Hope to see you all here on Sunday for the jog!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Jog Day is BACK! Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011
Plug Your Blog! Potentially thousands of hits in one day! Long-term results! Permanent links! Join us for Blog Jog Day on August 7th.

Blog Jog Day is a one-day event where Bloggers are joining together for a pyramid effect promotional rally. We all post on the same day with each post leading the visitor to the next Blog, and so on full circle. That’s it! Visitors explore your Blog, and then click on to the next one bringing potentially thousands of unique visitors to your site. Nearly 2,000 joggers showed up last November!

How Blog Jog Day Can Benefit Bloggers:
*More unique visitors to your Blog
*More subscribers
*More comments
*More inbound links
*More Followers
*More exposure and sales
*Grow your daily hits

All which look great to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines! With popularity comes a higher Page Rank and greater exposure for your Blog!

How It Works:
Bloggers can sign up at There is a one-time $3.00 participation fee which helps support additional advertizing for Blog Jog Day. Sign up more than one Blog or Website and pay only $2.00 per site.
Then follow-up with an e-mail to with your Blog address. Within a few days, you will receive a post to copy and paste as a post on your Blog.

It will look similar to this:
“Thank you for stopping by my Blog! Please explore all this Blog has to offer, then jog on over to (add your fowarding Blog link here). If you would like to visit a different Blog in the jog, go to”

You will be allowed to personalize your Post to suite your own Blog and personality. Maybe a good opportunity for a giveaway, contest or poll on your Blog? However, we will be providing the required link to the next Blog.

I can’t guarantee massive results, but I can assure you of numerous new visitors to your site! The more of us that do it, the better the results for all of us!
We all have Blogs, we all have friends. What are you waiting for…get on board now!

Most of you know me or have worked with me online to promote books. I am very efficient in my promotional efforts. My Blog, A Book Inside reached a Page Rank 4 in its first 6 months and today is a PR5!!! Together we can be even better!

When I first promoted my Ning site, I used a similar method to get initial visitors. I had over 500 hits and nearly 300 new subscribers on the first day! I accomplished that by notifying just my own social networking friends. Then, after asking my new members to notify all their social networking friends, our membership grew tenfold! Imagine what we could do as a networking team??

Q. Do the Bloggers need to be similar in content?
A. No. All Blogs on any topic or subject matter are welcome and encouraged to participate. We would like Blog Jog Day to be an adventure for all visitors.

Q. I have more than one Blog. Can I include all of them on Blog Jog Day?
A. Yes, it’s $3.00 to sign up one Blog, or $2.00 each for more than one—no limit!

Q. I live in a different country but would like to include my Blog, can I do that?
A. Sure. Check the time converter at to see exactly when you need to post.

Q. My Blog is not yet highly ranked by Google or Yahoo. Can I still participate on Blog Jog Day?
A. The best thing about Blog Jog Day is that it is beneficial to everyone, regardless of the popularity of your Blog. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Q. My Blog already gets a lot of hits. How will Blog Jog Day benefit my Blog?
A. Blog Jog Day will bring new unique visitors to our Blogs. Unique visitors means more exposure, and for most of us, more sales!

Q. Is Blog Jog Day just for “Blogger” users, or can anyone sign up?
A. As long as you can add a forwarding link at the top and center of your Site, you are welcome to join Blog Jog Day.

Q. What happens if we have a broken link or a dead end?
A. Our sample post will lead visitors back to the Blog Jog Day Blog, which will list (at the top) all the Blogs in the circle so they can continue on jogging. We will also pre-check for bad links.

Q. I don’t have a PayPal account. How else can I pay the small fee?
A. You can snail mail a check to C. Denbow, P.O. Box 1506, North Bend, Oregon 97459. Please include your e-mail address and Blog URL on your check.

Q. Will I be informed where my link is in the circle, and can I be linked from my friends Blog?
A. Sorry, it would be too difficult to connect specific links but if you submit your links together, they should be connected.

Q. Why Sunday August 7th? Do I have to be available?
A. Sunday was chosen because research showed it was the most active Blogging day. Although it would be best for all of us to join in the Blog, it is not necessary for you to be "available" on Blog Jog Day as long as your post is pre-set to appear on time.

Q. Who should I contact for more information?
A. E-mail your questions to

Looking forward to another successful "jog" on August 7th. I hope you'll join me!
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