Thursday, March 25, 2010

F.A.Q. About Blog Jog Day

Q. I have more than one Blog. Can I include all of them on Blog Jog Day?
A. Yes, it’s $2.00 per Blog, no limit!

Q. My Blog is not yet highly ranked by Google or Yahoo. Can I still participate on Blog Jog Day?
A. The best thing about Blog Jog Day is that it is beneficial to everyone, regardless of the popularity of your Blog. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Q. My Blog already gets a lot of hits. How will Blog Jog Day benefit my Blog?
A. Blog Jog Day will bring new unique visitors to our Blogs. Unique visitors means more exposure, and for most of us, more sales!

Q. Do the Bloggers need to be similar in content?
A. No. All Blogs on any topic or subject matter are welcome and encouraged to participate. We would like Blog Jog Day to be an adventure for all visitors.

Q. I live in a different country but would like to include my Blog, can I do that?
A. Sure. Check the time converter at to see exactly when you need to post.

Q. Is Blog Jog Day just for “Blogger” users, or can anyone sign up?
A. As long as you can add a forwarding link at the top and center of your Site, you are welcome to join Blog Jog Day.

Q. What happens if we have a broken link or a dead end?
A. The sample post we send you will lead visitors back to the Blog Jog Day Blog, which will list (at the top) all the Blogs in the circle so they can continue on jogging. We will also pre-check for bad links.

Q. Will I be informed where my link is in the circle, and can I be linked from my friends Blog?
A. Sorry, it would be too difficult to connect specific links but if you submit your links together, they should be connected. Jog on May 9 to find your link!

Q. Why Sunday May 9? Do I have to be available?
A. Sunday was chosen because research showed it was the most active Blogging day. Although it would be best for all of us to join in the Blog, it is not necessary for you to be "available" on Blog Jog Day as long as your post is pre-set to appear on time.

Q. I don’t have a PayPal account. How else can I pay the $2.00?
A. You can snail mail your $2.00 to Plain & Simple Books, P.O. Box 1506, North Bend, Oregon 97459. Please include your e-mail address and Blog URL on your check.

Q. Who should I contact for more information?
A. E-mail your questions to

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  1. I accidentally paid the $2 twice. Can you send me a refund please?
    Thank you,
    Julie Achterhoff

  2. Hi, I think this is an awesome idea. I think it's unfortunate that you chose May 9th -- which is Mother's Day this year.

  3. This sounds like fun. It's a great idea. I'll tell my friends.

  4. I'm hoping you'll have another date set. Sounds interesting. As Colette said, it's Mother's Day. I won't be sitting in front of my computer that day! Please let us know of if another date has been set.

  5. No sorry gals, the date will remain My 9, but we will do this again later in the year. Maybe you'll join us then?
    FYI, I'm celebrating Mother's Day with my family...but I plan to be online in the early morning and again that evening to jog!