Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blog Jog Day Success!

So we did it! The first ever Blog Jog Day event is now just a rumor in the ladies room. Will we go again? Absolutely! My hope is that every participant found some positive level of success.

There were some hitches in our giddy-up. First-time events always have them and we’ll take your suggestions to heart and try to make the next Blog Jog Day better—and easier. We did get OVER 3,000 hits to the Blog Jog Day Blog; that was amazing! That also did not include the day before (461), the day after
(557), or, the hits that seem to keep coming! The links will remain on this site so Bloggers should continue to get new visitors for a while longer.

Personally, the best part of Blog Jog Day was meeting and conversing via Internet, with all the wonderful people online; and of course seeing some terrific Blogs! Thank you so very much for your participation and kind feedback of which I have posted below.

If you did not participate in Blog Jog Day and would like your Blog included next time, send me your email address and I’ll put you on the Blogger list (caroldenbow@gmail.com).

Also, in line with great promotional ideas. If you are an author, writer, or book lover, and you haven’t been to Book Event Center yet, please come over to our new all-inclusive social site at http://BookEventCenter.Spruz.com and see what all the hype is about! It’s free to join so why not give it a try?
See you all next time!

“Blog Jog Day has been an excellent experience for me. Not only did I pick up 11 new followers -- and my blog had a huge amount of hits -- but I even got a few more votes for the contest I'm a finalist in (and for which the prize is a publishing contract for my novel). So thank you very, very much!” Lisa http://writingonthinice.blogspot.com/

“I had seven new people to follow me.Yey! This was a great event. I just wanted to express my gratitude. So, thank you and Happy Mother's Day!” Shereeda L.Bowers, Author

“I got 12 new subscribers to my newsletter. I connected with about ten people on Twitter, and several asked for the free e-book I offered. Going to check my stats next.” Yvonne Perry http://writersinthesky.blogspot.com/

“I just wanted to say thanks for coordinating the blog jog. I installed a counter on my site and doubled my normal number of visitors. I also increased my followers by 20%. I found dozens of blogs that I added to my blog roll. Not sure how I'm going to read them all, but there were so many awesome sites, I didn't want to lose them. Thanks again." Vicki http://MissVSpeaks.blogspot.com

“BJD has been awesome for me, Carol. Thanks so much for arranging it. I participated in the morning (clicked on several blogs, left comments, followed some, Tweeted about it, same on FB) and also saw several folks sign up as followers of my own blog, leave comments, and hopefully, subscribe. And it's evening now and we're back from our day away, so I've picked up the pace and got back on the BJD bandwagon. It was a resounding success. Thanks again.” Doreen Pendgracs http://doreenisthewizardofwords.blogspot.com
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  1. Blog Day turned out wonderfully (even with the few hitches) - looking forward to participating in the next one.

  2. I'm not surprised by its success. Many of the blogs were outstanding and I can't wait to return. Bravo, Carol.

  3. I was amazed at the hits I had on one of my blogs. Typically I have 20-50 per day and blog jog day I had 329! Wow, blew me out of the water! My other blog I picked up 6 new followers and had over 100 new hits. So I'd say this was a real success!
    Thanks Carol for putting this all together!
    Barbara Techel

  4. Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

    Hi Carol!
    BJD was great for me, too! I TRIPLED my site visitors and added 3 new followers (which usually takes a week for me to accomplish). Great job...definitely will participate again.

  5. Carol, thank you for organizing Blog Jog Day. I enjoyed going from blog to blog and was amazed at the talent out there! It seemed, though, that everyone who made contact with my blog was a fellow BJD participant, which made me wonder how many invitees there were. The variety of blogs made it so interesting. And I think the number of blogs was probably about right. I would definitely do this again!

  6. I had fun on Blog Jog Day, had 325 visitors to my blog, and 30 comments. I'm going to visit as many of the blogs as I can in return. On Mother's Day I was visiting with family all day and so I have to play catch up, but I'll definitely get back to all who visited my blog! Thanks to everyone who made this a success,

  7. Carol will have to get in on this next one, missed out on signing up but did blog hop off the list some and found some new sites so will have to participate on the other end this time. I am sending you my URL and blog info right now by email....

    jackie b central texas

  8. I was snowed in on Laramie Mountain and missed Blog Jog Day. Wow, what a great promotional event! Please add Mysterious Writers to your next one: http://mysteriouspeople.blogspot.com/
    (interviews and writing advice from bestselling and well known authors).

  9. I got to meet Frankie the brave doggie and Frankie's wonderful Mum. The activity book that I got will now be used in a school for the underprivileged in Bangalore. Had it not been for this initiative, I would have never met Frankie. Many thanks.