Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome to blog Jog Day!

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and Happy Mother's Day to all moms and single dads!

Below you will find a list of the most amazing and interesting Blogs on the Web. You can start at the top, or scroll down and click on whatever catches your eye. Every listed Blog connects to the next one on the list so if you get a bad link on a Blog, or can't find the next link to continue, just back-click your browser and that will bring you back here to try out another Blog link and continue the jog.

Some of the Blogs where forwarding links may not be in place are in bold. Please click on directly to these if possible. They are the best starting places!

Have fun Blog jogging and don't forget to "Follow" those Blogs and leave your comments!!!

A Book Inside
Marilyn's Musings
Rise Above Reason
Crossroads Excerpts
Subourbon Wife
Steven Nedelton
Rosefirewalker’s TeaGarden
Jeffrey B. Allen
Learning to Eat Allergy Free
Carl David
Under the Trolls Bridge
Joyful Paws
P.A. Brown
Frankie the Walk ‘n Roll Dog
Deanna's Tidbits
Speak Loud!!!
Holli's Works In Progress
U Puzzle Me
Ghost Posts
JD’s Writer Blog
Black Velvet Seductions
Julia’s Blog
Wizard of Words
Heidi M. Thomas
Human Trial
Writing for Children Center
Earthwalker Consulting
Authors Box
Susan Whitfield
Working Writers Coach
One World Singles
The Sid Series
Awareness Musings
Yvonne Perry
A Blogger’s Books
More Than Meets the Eye
The Wildcat’s Victory
Writers in the Sky
Joylene Nowell Butler
Online Promotion Made Easy
Sustain and Abstain
Wheel Fix It
Conscious Discussions
Hywela Lyn
Sardinian Silver
Special Agent Series
Cynde’s Got the Write Stuff
Love Without Boundaries
Cyndes Daybook
Front Line Heroes
Ursurper Exposed
Visual Arts Junction
The POV Lounge with Dominique
Warren Baldwin
The Courage to Create
Writing on Thin Ice
The Orbs of Wonder
All Gays Go to Heaven Blog
Tethered Mommy
Fixnwrtr's Blog
College Ready Writing
Clogs and Tulips
The Delightful Repast
Thekla Richter
Bullying is a form of Abuse: Peer Abuse!
Daily Grace
Carole Anne Carr
Inside The Shrink
Rambles & Randomness
Walking in God’s Word
Cliff Ball
Two and a Half Writers
The Disgruntled Bear
The Blue Inkwell
The Reading Ape
Lillie Ammann
Soulmate Tips
Page Readers
The Lord of the Hallows
Triangle After Dark
Fundraising Assets
Comforted By God
Creative Barbwire
Cheese in My Hair
A Novel Idea
Theresa Faulkner
Ten Thousand Hugs
Pet Peeves
Inner Peace Journal
Mysteries and My Musings
Barbara M. Hodges
Bud Bilanich
Power of Our Way Blog
One Word Pundit
Smoke E Cig
Alberta H. Sequeira
Chelle Cordero
A Blog of a Writers Journey
Dianne G. Sagan
Reading Teen
True Stories, Honest Lies
Vanilla Heart Publishing
Living, Writing and Other Stuff
Romance for the Soul
Home and Living with Andrea Campbell
Charmaine Gordon
Tina Roberts
Ellz Readz
History Weaver
Elaine Ann Hopper
Ascroft, eh?
Immortyl Revolution
Words About Water
Jen Lennon
Mark Rosendorf
Coffee Time Romance
Cook Pot Stories
Cruise Bug Chatter
Skye Wentworth
Author James Ross
Adventures in Writing
Ashley Ladd
Uncle Tee Books
Donna McDine
Divorced Before 30
Slope Resources
Quirky Pickings
Christine N Fonseca
Darden North
The Golden Pathway
The Stylings Of Ideas Man, PH.D.
The 8 Principles of Goals and Success
In His Name
Mari’s Morning Room
Claudia Del Balso
Angela’s Freelance Writing
A Novel Space
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  1. Oops! The folks at Triangle After Dark seem to be having technical difficulties. The link from The Lord of the Hallows leads to an error page.

  2. Thanks so much for this. I'm sorry I missed out being a part of it. Will catch it next year! Two links I clicked on went nowhere...

    In His Name
    Mari's Morning Room

  3. Hi, I missed the deadline but I blogjogged around with you to see how it works. Unfortunately there is some broken links as you know (which makes it hard to follow in a smooth way). All blogs/sites where not up to date yet as well. Probably due to the time differens in different countries. Otherwise a Great idea and fun event!

  4. Rosefirewalker's link doesn't work, and Jeffrey B Allen doesn't have a blog jog post up (which means noone is pointing to me at Learning to Eat Allergy Free). And I would suggest in the future either leaving out adult content, or putting them at the end of the jog.

  5. Thanks for organizing Blog Jog Day, Carol. It's a terrific idea. And being on Mother's Day is an added bonus. My computer is very slow today though. Hmm, wonder if that is because it's a "she"? LOL.

  6. Quite a variety of blogs. Hard to tell what the subject matter/purpose of many of the blogs just from their titles. Maybe categories (e.g., writing, hobbies, children's, teens, adult, homeschooling, work at home, financial, social, etc.) would be helpful as a "jogger guide" and maybe list the blogs in alphabetical order in each category. Also, it's a minor thing but I have a feeling the $2.00 sign-up fee might keep people away.

  7. I'm loving this, Carol! Great job on the Jog! :D


  8. I think this is a terrific idea as it will get folks to different blogs. I agree with billkirkwrites - separate the blogs into different categories so that we aren't directed to blogs we don't want to go - like adult content blogs.

    I don't see the bloggers participating donating $2 being a problem and would like to participate next year if possible. I know it's hard to organize such a bigh undertaking but I think a bit of organization is in order to keep the bloggers who follow these things happy. I don't visit adult content sites and so would prefer they be separated out. Thanks for doing this - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series
    STATE OF WILDERNESS, now available
    STATE OF QUARRIES, now available
    STATE OF RESERVATIONS, coming May 2010
    STATE OF ALTITUDE, coming May/June 2010

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  9. I am SO enjoying my Blog Jog experience! As an author and blog participant, it's great having new people stop by my blog, comment, join my "tribe" etc.

    And as a reader, it's fun discovering the many insightful and interesting blogs that are participating in BJD. Thanks, Carol, for making this happen.

  10. This is great! You have given me a wonderful Mother's Day present!

    I look forward each day to opening a diary to the entry I wrote 50 years ago and compiling it in my daily blog post.

    I am looking forward to the comments of future readers of those posts.

  11. I just went through the whole thing. Great variety of blogs. I noticed that my blog got skipped over by the one who should've linked to me, but instead went directly to the one that I linked to in my blog. Not really a big deal, since I'm getting visitors, I just wanted to point that out.

  12. I couldn't find a link from Black Velvet Seductions to the next link. When I post for people to visit my site for Blog Jog Day, I am also including this link with an instruction that if they reach a site that doesn't have a link they can come back here to find their spot and skip the broken link to move on to the next one. I have gotten several visitors and comments so far and greatly like this concept.

  13. Very Interesting List! Blog on!

  14. Wow. Thanks for offering such a unique opportunity, Roland

  15. Carol,

    Thanks for organizing this. I subscribed to several new blogs.

    I echo the suggestions that the blogs be categorized and/or a brief description given. Most importantly, adult content should be separate—maybe two different jogs, one for all ages and one for adult content. Those interested in both can go through one then start on the other, and those of us who prefer to avoid adult content can just skip that jog.

    You worked very hard to get bloggers to confirm with you, and you sent plenty of instructions on linking to the next blog. As has been pointed out, however, not all bloggers complied. I'm not sure how to prevent this in such a short time span. Maybe you could require everyone to have their links up by midnight and have someone check them immediately. If a link is missing or not working, remove the site from the jog. I realize that would be a lot of work—perhaps there's an easier way.

    I kept coming back to this page when I encountered problems, but many people will just stop when they come to a dead end. It's a lot to ask someone to spend the time to visit 150 blogs, and when they encounter roadblocks, it's easy to quit.

    This was the first Blog Jog Day, and a few glitches are always expected the first time for anything. I enjoyed this and am looking forward to an even better experience next time.

    Thanks again for all your work.

  16. Carol, you did a monumental job of organizing this, thank you for all of your hard work.

    I read the comments and agree that I do like thed category idea. Also may I suggest that folks list the next 2-3 blogs on the list instead of just 1 as well as the link back to BlogJogDay - this way when someone fails to update their post, no one gets left out. The site before mine Alberta H. Sequeira has not been updated since mid April so does not point to mine at all.


  17. Thank you for hosting a great event. Though I'll be doing my own jogging today (occupied with family yesterday), already Blog Jog Day has been an excellent experience for me. Not only did I pick up 11 new followers -- and my blog had a huge amount of hits -- but I even got a few more votes for the contest I'm a finalist in (and for which the prize is a publishing contractfor my novel). So thank you very, very much!

  18. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you-you're kind and I appreciate it!!!! If you send me your Blog link again, I'll put your comment up on my followup Blog Jog Day Blog post; then you'll be linked again for more hits!
    Warm Regards,

    To everyone else who commented...
    Thank you SO MUCH for participating in Blog Jog. I am working on simple solutions for the next jog and will take ALL ideas into consideration!

    If you think I sent you a lot of e-mails, somewhere in these non-complient Bloggers junk mail folders are possibly 30 or more notes from me begging for a response!!!!! We'll work on that! Thanks for participating. I enjoyed your Blog!

  19. Thanks Carol! My blog link is :-)

  20. Thanks, for the opportunity to participate!

  21. I thought the blogjog was a great idea, but I think the Usurper Exposed blog should not have been included in the jog. I think it is in poor taste to promote a blogger who is spreading racism, nativism, and anti-Muslim hate. There's a difference between respecting differing points of view and actively promoting the kind of bigotry Usurper Exposed preaches.