Thursday, November 18, 2010

Final Call for Bloggers to Sign Up!

If you have not signed up for Blog Jog Day yet, you will need to do so prior to midnight (PT) on the 19th. It takes time to organize this event and the deadline has to be set. Please visit to get on the boat!

Why do I charge $2 for Bloggers to be included? Can you imagine what Blog Jog Day would be like if we had every spam blog on the Web joining in? The $2 keeps them away and helps pay for promotion of the event. Most importantly, it keeps Blog Jog Day quality!

Read more about Blog Jog Day by scrolling down this page!
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  1. Carol, $2 is very inexpensive for all of the benefits and promotional opportunity this event creates. Blog Jog Day last spring was outstanding. Thank you for coordinating all of this.

  2. I missed it this year but I've put a reminder in my blackberry so I won't miss it next year.

    Great idea!