Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yippee! It's Blog Jog Day

Welcome to Blog Jog Day and a BIG “thank you” for joining us!

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Some terrific, inspirational, and very interesting Blogs await your visit (and lot’s of them). Here’s how it works:

Scroll down the Blog list and when you see something of interest to you, click on. After you check out that Blog, there will be a new link in their top post for you to move on to the next Blog in the jog. It’s that simple.

Now things NEVER go exactly as planned. So if you don’t see the link, or you click it on and it doesn’t seem to work, back click your browser and come back here for a new link to re-start your jog.

Thank you again for joining us today and don’t forget to click “Follow This Blog” or sign up for their newsletter when you visit a new and interesting site.

"A Book Inside"
“FireWalker Publications”
“Coffee Time Romance”
“A Bloggers Books”
“Clogs and Tulips”
“Deanna Jewel Blog”
“Barbara Ehrentreu Blog”
“Jamie Manning Blog”
“Subjective Soup”
“Vila Spider Hawk”
“Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services”
“Chelle Cordero”
“The Wildcats Victory”
“We Are One In Spirit”
“Barbara Hodges”
“Me vs. My Muse”
“Heidi M. Thomas Writing”
“From A Writer's POV”
“Romance Author Betty Ann Harris' Special Agent Series”
“A. Colin Wright”
“Bullying is Abuse”
“Mindful Banter”
“One World Singles Magazine Blog”
“Author’s Box”
“Effortless Eating”
“Grab A Book From Our Stack”
“Alsea Pacific Beach House”
“Carole Ann Carr”
“Malcolm’s Round Table”
“Mysteries and My Musings”
“Susan Whitfield”
“The writings & ramblings of a Philadelphian”
"Bertram's Blog"
“Fiction Writing: the Passionate Journey”
“The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard”
“Second Wind Publishing Blog”
“Author S.R.Claridge”
“The Negativity Blog”
“Recipes For Publicity”
“The Divine Imagination: Inward Bound”
“Pat Bertram Introduces”
“Author Melinda Clayton”
“Leslie Musoko’s ELI”
“Dragon My Feet”
“Virtual Book Touring”
“Wayword Wind”
“Author S.R.Claridge Author of Mystery and Romantic Suspense Novels”
“Joylene Butler, Author”
“My Funny Dad Harry”
“Cate Rowan”
“ACPI, Academy for Coaching Parents International”
“Patricia A. Rasey”
“Vanessa Morgan”
“Manuscript Musings”
“Plain & Simple Books Publishing”
“Working Writers Coach”
“Energize You Now” at
“Sparkle the Designer Cat”
“Author Allyson M. Deese”
“Holli’s Works In Progress”
“Black Velvet Seductions”
“Food Flowers Junkie”
“Writing For Children Center”
“Author Charmaine Gordon”
“Frankie the Walk’ N Roll Dog”
“Travel Diversions with Doreen”
“The Writing World of Author Cliff Ball”
“J.M. Cornwell”
“Rise Above Reason”
“The Rages of Kages” (adult content)
“Lifestyle Blog for Writers”
“Angela’s Freelance Writing”
“Mid-Prairie HS and Park College 1960-1965”
“Rambles & Randomness”
“God Mission Possible”
“My Quality Day”
“Marilyn’s Musings”
“In His Name”
“Sustain and Abstain”
“Serial Central”
“New York Renovator”
"Relationship the Therapeutic Process”
“Anne K. Albert”
“Cooperstowners in Canada”
“Freaky Frugalite”
“Creative Barbwire”
“Gretchen Craig”
“Marg’s Pets”
“M.A. Miller, author”
“Stuart Aken” adult content!
“Max the Quilt Cat Blog”
“The Disgruntled Bear”
“Ink Slinger's Whimsey”
“Eclectic Writer”
“Life From A Cat's Perspective”
“T.C. Mckee, Inspiring Author”
“Writer's Creative Studio Blog”
“Karlin Sloan's Good Business”
“The Story Ideas Virtuoso”
“The Noble Pirates”
“Subourbon Wife”
“Medical Tips Pay It Forward”
“A Novel Space”
“Meghan Writes a Novel”
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  1. Changing out the top spots on this post = brilliant! :)

  2. Thanks for putting this together. An amazing amount of work everyone appreciates.

  3. I went all the way around! Quite a few broken links in the chain, but they all worked from here, so I could always get back on the track.

  4. What a wonderful idea.It makes me think of the Philadelphia Marathon that took place in my town this morning.

  5. If you would like to participate in Blog Jog Day next time, please include your name and e-mail address here in the comment section. Thanks to everyone for participating!!

  6. Kathryn

    I would like to be added!

  7. enjoyed blog jog.

    Please include me for next time!!

  8. I found your blog today. This is a great idea.

  9. I wish I could join a jogging marathon again! Since I started working, it's been hard for me to find time joining outdoor physical activities. When I was in jogging and biking, I wore some high visibility pants. For me they're all comfortable to wear.